Need a boost?
I’m here to help.

Are you preparing for a runway show, a print shoot, or just getting started in modeling? Perhaps you are training for a marathon or trying to lose baby weight. Or, are you searching for a boost of confidence in your personal life or in your career with public speaking? Let’s talk.

I didn’t get to be a model at my age without consistency and discipline in mind, body, and spirit. I’d love to share guidance, tips, and motivation about modeling, fitness, and life with you. I’m 100% here for you to help you reach your goals.

Initial Consultation
I’ll spend 10 minutes with you on the phone, free of charge, to help determine how much time you might need to accomplish your goals.

20-Minute Phone Consultation
Let’s get to know each other little bit and discuss your interest in modeling, fitness, or life coaching. I’ll give you a brief synopsis about how I can help.

Virtual Coaching
In-depth coaching to help you become a better model, to improve your health and fitness, or to help you evolve in your career and personal life.