As an entrepreneur, producer, fashion model, fitness trainer, public speaker, and life coach, Christi Gereau is paving the way.

Working with many creative, talented people over the years, Christi has been able to share her experiences, strength, and hope because her career literally started by accident. Being hit by a drunk driver while walking across the street and surviving gave Christi her tenacity and ambition to share her life lessons and the secrets she has learned over the years.

As a Pilates owner and instructor, Christi produced the television show, “Core Pilates by Christi,” giving her clients around the world instruction and motivation to join her in health and fitness.

As a public speaker, Christi has reached her audience in corporations, schools, and prisons. Everyone deserves a second chance, and Christi empowers all who hear her message.

As a coach, she provides tips, skills, and motivation for her clients as they work their way through life’s lessons and accomplish their goals.

And as for modeling?

“Everyone is beautiful,” she always says. “Now let yourself shine.”